Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


The board of trustees was created to reduce the amount of time, energy, and involvement by the chapter advisor, which historically has been one person. In addition, there is a growing need in providing a healthy influence by not just one individual, but by a group of volunteers. Recruiting volunteers and alumni who can specialize in a particular area of interest will ultimately increase productivity and provide attention to the health of the chapter.


The goal of the board of trustees is to serve as a sounding board for the chapter, advising individual officers regularly and rank and file members as needed. The board of trustees is an integral part of the chapter leadership and advise the leadership on accountability and self-governance. Occasionally, the Board may need to employ its judicial powers to help the chapter hold members accountable and/or the chapter itself.


Each board is typically made up of a group of alumni, friends of the chapter, parents, and faculty members. This group will meet regularly to challenge and encourage undergraduate chapter leadership by providing mentoring and advisement. As a BOT volunteer, each trustee will work closely with a chapter leader in his area of chapter operations.  This structure offers alumni and/or volunteers to share their expertise and knowledge in a field which suits them, which also supports the chapter better.

The board of trustees is structured with the following positions:

  • Chairman- provides leadership and education to the chapter president. Helps the leadership facilitate the design of chapter-wide priorities
  • Vice Chairman - Works with the chapter vice president to design and implement policies and procedures that achieve success and structure in chapter operations.
  • Financial Advisor - Works with the development of and education about the chapter's spending plan.
  • Recruitment Advisor - Works with the recruitment chairman and chapter and advises in the development of an aggressive and continual recruitment culture.
  • Member Education Advisor - Works with the membership educator and advises in the development of a chapter culture that supports pledging as a positive and developmental assimilation period.
  • Risk Management Advisor - Advises the risk management officer in the development of a risk management education program that promotes individual responsibility and self governance of the chapter.

      A Board may have up to 12 advisors and other areas of chapter operations can be advised by a trustee.


The time commitment associated with serving on a board of trustees varies and is at the discretion of the given board. Typically, boards of trustees meet at least once every 4-6 weeks. Outside of regular board meetings, individual trustees typically spend time working with chapter officers and on various BOT projects, as needed. Serving on a board of trustees is a truly worthwhile experience, which offers flexibility and a chance to make a difference in a chapter and in the lives of today's undergraduates.

More Information

If you would like to find out more information about serving on a board of trustees in your area, you can fill out the Alpha Tau Omega Volunteer Interest Form by clicking HERE

If would like to speak to a staff member about boards of trustees, please contact Director of Alumni Services, Aaron Bauer at the National Headquarters at 317-684-1865 ext. 119.

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