Life Loyal Tau


When you first wore the badge of ATO, you made a powerful statement about who you were and what you believed. No doubt those memories and experiences have stayed with you and contributed to making you who you are today. Whatever it was that first drew you to ATO, something spoke to you about the importance of having the Alpha Tau Omega brotherhood, tradition and values in your life—then, now and forever.

Join a distinguished group of men who proudly display lifelong love and respect for ATO.



  • Establishes your position among ATO's most talented, proud and successful members.
  • Delivers exclusive ATO news and information, keeping Loyal Taus connected.
  • Ensures the ATOs of today continue to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The strength of Alpha Tau Omega is fueled by the support of individuals like you who unite to promote its achievements. Through the years, Taus have elevated themselves while living The Creed and have helped create a lasting impression as the Founders intended. From Otis Allan Glazebrook to Taus yet born, the Life Loyal Tau membership is the best way to show your appreciation and support and take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Alpha Tau Omega.

To acquaint yourself with the many benefits associated with becoming a Life Loyal Tau, just scroll down. To sign up online and become a Life Loyal Tau please click on the Life Loyal Tau Online Registration Form.

To see a full listing of ATO brothers who have committed to making their ATO experience Life Loyal, check out the Life Loyal Taus page.



A Lifetime Subscription to and Recognition in the ATO Palm

This will save you more than $1,000 over the course of your life and keep you connected to all the most current ATO news.

Lapel Recognition Pin

The mark of distinction, members wear their Loyal Tau pins with honor and pride.

Personalized Membership Wallet Card

A personalized membership wallet card recognizing your association with this distinguished group.

Membership Certificate

A vintage membership certificate can proudly be displayed at home or in your office. Membership certificates will graciously display your name, date of enrollment, chapter of initiation, and Life Loyal Tau membership number.

Exclusive Life Loyal Tau Updates

Miscellaneous special publications featuring ATO news and Loyal Tau updates

Discounts and Special Members-Only Benefits

A wide array of professional services and travel discounts available to you as a Life Loyal Tau member 

Special Events for Members

Special Life Loyal Tau gatherings with the opportunity to renew bonds of brotherhood with other Life Loyals


You will be surprised to learn that the one-time cost of membership is only $299. If you prefer, you may choose to make an initial payment of $29 and then just 11 convenient monthly installments of $29 each. A small fee has been added to each installment to cover additional processing costs.

General Information

The National Fraternity has examined proposals from competing vendors and selected those that offer high quality products combined with a commitment to customer service, at a price that enables you to save money.

The National Fraternity may change the Loyal Tau program rules, regulations, and conditions of participation, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The National Fraternity may change or terminate program partners, withdraw, limit, modify, or regulate benefits.

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