True Merit

True Merit Award

The True Merit Award was first established in 1969 as the Chapter Efficiency Award, becoming the Fraternity's
first official award. In 1975, the name of the award changed to the Chapter Excellence Award and finally in
1979, the name changed to the True Merit Award.

There is no certain number of chapters that will be awarded True Merit from year to year. Rather, in keeping
with the spirit of the Creed, the True Merit Award is awarded to as many chapters who achieve a level of
chapter operation that is worthy of the recognition. The Top Chapter Award, which was established in 1998,
recognizes the best ATO Chapter in the nation.

To be eligible for True Merit, be sure to fill out your chapter's 2016-2017 Annual Report Application

The Top Chapter Award

2017: Alabama
2016: Troy
2015: Belmont
2014: Oklahoma State
2013: Kentucky
2012: Emory
2011: Baylor
2010: Alabama
2009: Emory
2008: Maryland
2007: Emory
2006: Maryland
2005: Kansas State
2004: Kansas State
2003: North Alabama
2002: Kansas State
2001: Alabama-Huntsville
2000: Kansas State
1999: Kansas State
1998: Kansas State

Top Chapter Award
True Merit Award
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