Thomas Arkle Clark Award
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Thomas Arkle Clark was head of the University of Illinois Department of Rhetoric in 1895 when he helped organize ATO's Gamma Zeta chapter and was its first initiate. Seven years later, he was named dean of men, the first in America to have that title. "Unofficially, he won the title of Keeper of the University's Conscience through his insistence on high ethical and moral standards" records the ATO Story. He did likewise for ATO as Worthy Grand Chief, High Council member, Educational Advisor, and Brother. Brother Clark was nationally known in the early part of the century for his efforts developing the modern Greek system.


The Thomas Arkle Clark Award annually recognizes Alpha Tau Omega's most outstanding senior candidates for undergraduate degrees. It was established as an incentive for young brothers to seek excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and the personal qualities of character, integrity, and responsibility.

Thomas Arkle Clark Award
  • 2016 Thomas Arkle Clark Honoree

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  • 2015 Runner-Up

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  • 2016 Runners-Up

  • 2016 Honorable Mention

  • 2017 Thomas Arkle Clark Honoree

  • 2017 Runner-Up

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