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Marshall Taus Honor Legacy of Fellow Brother

Author: Joshua Prince
Date: September 21, 2012
THETA OMICRON (Marshall) -- The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Theta Omicron chapter, is remembering the 20th anniversary of the death of one of their brothers.

Paul Armstrong came to Marshall in August of 1992. Shortly after receiving an early bid to the pledge class from Alpha Tau Omega, he died of a heart attack in his room on Sept. 13, 1992. The following is from a letter his family sent to Theta Omicron.

“Paul was never happier in his life than when attending Marshall and being associated with the brothers of ATO,” the Armstrong family said. “He called us at 2:30 a.m. one morning elated and thrilled at being extended a early bid as a pledge.”

Armstrong had a previously undiagnosed heart condition when he came to college. He died less then two weeks after receiving his bid. Armstrong was posthumously initiated into Alpha Tau Omega with his pledge class.

Sam Worthy, president of ATO, said none of the current brothers knew Armstrong, but they have been able to learn about him by talking to alumni and his parents.

“He had this infectious energy and smile when he would walk into a room,” Worthy said. “He was a leader, he knew what he wanted and how to achieve it, not only that but he knew how to include others in his goal and help give them ownership of it as well.”

Armstrong’s parents knowing how much Alpha Tau Omega meant to their son, created the Paul Armstrong Outstanding New Member Award. Each year they give a scholarship to one pledge from the past spring and fall pledge classes. This award is presented at the Spring Formal.

“We go forth from here remembering the life and values lived by Paul and embodied in our creed,” Zane McDonald, chaplain of fraternity, said. “May we remember and live the sacred values and traditions of our brotherhood.”

The chapter held a private memorial service at the Campus Christian Center for Armstrong on the 20th anniversary of his death, Sept. 13.

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