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Auburn Supporting Mr. Penny

Date: April 16, 2012

ALPHA EPSILON (Auburn) -- When a member of the Auburn community fell on hard times, the Alpha Epsilon chapter was there to jump in. The chapter is raising money in honor of Mr. Penny, a local custodian and crossing guard.

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Auburn University students are helping raise money for a scholarship in Mr. Penny's name.

Mr. Penny is a custodian and crossing guard for Auburn City Schools who's experiencing some health issues.

The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity is helping raise money for a scholarship.

The scholarship will go to an Auburn High school student who represents Mr. Penny's hard work and dedication.

Alpha Tau Omega's Vice President, Peyton Alsobrook, Auburn '10, says, "It's in his honor so we want to do it and give it to a student that really has had experiences with Mr. Penny, and who has been changed by and bettered because of him."

The fraternity set up a booth for donors to due push-ups in his honor.

So far, the scholarship has about $2,000.

The first scholarship will be given away this fall.
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