From its modest beginnings in 1986, the LeaderShape Institute has transformed from a leadership school for ATO undergraduates, to a week-long leadership development experience for coed students. While the evolution of The LeaderShape Institute has taken work and careful strategy, today's Institute is what ATO had in mind from the start.

While the LeaderShape Institute has been a tremendous success, ATO has stayed true to LeaderShape's beginning by developing ways to spread the programming to as many ATO undergraduates as possible. Thanks to Chapter-Based LeaderShape, this is a reality.

Both LeaderShape opportunities offer programming that places a strong emphasis on leading with integrity, with components in communication, ethics, vision and teamwork. Chapter-Based LeaderShape takes the same successful leadership development programming and provides a more Greek-focused experience.

Each year participants experience a more effective program. The goal, according to LeaderShape President Paul Pyrz, is to teach students that integrity is not an option for effective leaders. "Chapters that send people see a payoff back in their own chapters," says Pyrz. "After you've gone through this program you can go home and make a difference in your environment."

The ATO Foundation has invested close to $2 million during the last decade in scholarships for undergraduate Taus.

"Leadership training and development is crucial to the overall success of the Fraternity," said former ATO Foundation Chairman Robert C. Knuepfer, Jr. Denison '71. "Our experience tells us that where you have strong local leaders you have strong chapters."

LeaderShape's success is getting attention both in the corporate world and on some of the nation's most prestigious campuses. Campus Institutes are bringing the benefits of LeaderShape to students.

Motorola, Procter and Gamble, Allstate Insurance, Ameritech, Kraft Foods, Price Waterhouse, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Ford Motor Company and Accenture are among the corporations that see promise in LeaderShape and are investing in the program.

Since the first years, LeaderShape, Inc. has:

  • Expanded from five to 70 (and growing) yearly sessions.
  • Secured more than one million dollars in Corporate funding.
  • Secured $164,000 Kellogg Foundation grants to make The LeaderShape Institute experience available to more engineering students.
  • Added sections in ethics, communications, goal setting and an outdoor challenge course.
  • Brought more than 25,000 students through the curriculum.

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The ATO Foundation, through LeaderShape, offers scholarships to a limited number of ATOs for the Institute. The scholarships, which help offset the full tuition fee, are awarded to the first chapters which reserve space.

Experience shows that sending three or more participants from one chapter can provide a greater impact for the chapter. Chapter Education Funds through the ATO Foundation are also available to fund ATOs who attend The LeaderShape Institute.

If you would like to know more about The LeaderShape Institute, call LeaderShape, Inc. at 217-351-6200.

Or if you would like to know more about charitable gifts for your chapter's education fund, call the ATO Foundation at (317) 472-0939.

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